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Trion Worlds Livestream Discussion Question
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Joined: 22nd Apr 2014
Rank: Leader
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10th Sep 2014 ... nworlds/b/566961346

Notes off Reddit

What the loot table % drops on archeum is somehow different from real in game drop amounts. They gotta "talk" with XL games about it.
Due to power creep, mount speeds were normalized, changed to cosmetic/skill based instead of stat based concept.
Labor potion reverted to before (12 hrs), they simply wanted to use OBT as a test environment. Wording says they are in "talks".
"OBT servers are launch servers, or at least they are headstart servers". Somehow implying more servers will be added, however Scapes immediately follows with no plans to add servers unless traffic problems.
OBT > Release client is just a patch.
Labor points start at 0.
Literally everything wiped, new chars etc.
US/EU headstart online same time, but patching and Auroria turn on is different time.
Fishing boat (OBT), mat unintentionally removed because it was disabled due to mistakenly having future content stuff.
Healer quest rewards, CBT feedback was that healers had crap progression items through game. Trion requested from XL, no date known, won't be in for release.
Founders pack on Steam, still being worked on, won't be on before launch. Founders pack gone from launch, will be replaced with Starter packs, which will have patron, and other "cool" items.
Char slots available on head starts, 1000 per char. Start of with 2 characters. 4 char per server, purchase up to 6.
Separately labor pool for US/EU and Loyalty Tokens (figured this'd be obvious).
NA, 3 servers per AH. EU, 2 servers per AH. Done so that if new servers are needed they're put into existing pools. Wording implies new servers will be added on release because it's been added on other servers.
RELEASE BUILD UP NOW (apparently). Beta client = good for launch. Login Thursday (PDT?) and get it updated.
Patron pricing same as Rift.
f2p can buy AH listing. Permanent ability item. Can buy APEX on AH. Anyway can buy from AH.
APEX grants AH access. 2 x APEX grants Patron, with left over credits.
Founder Darui Chest same as Loyalty token one.
Talks to increase archeum drop rates
In regards to botting spamming, chat filters improving, "continue to work with XL", own engineers working to catch botters (GM Smackdown). Trion has chat detection, tools to monitor in game activity like grinding activity and get put on a list (NSA? lol).
Patron beings when you login including headstart.
Windowed borderless mode and *SKILL QUEUES being communicated with XL. Inverted mouse and flagging changes. Off PvP foreign land, healer healing your target, but healer not getting flagged - issue in protected zone.
No Auroria on release. Bi-weekly restart on servers.
In game reporting tool can be used to suspected botting. You get labor back and bonus on top for accurate report. Not used for genuine harassment, only bots.
Patron access lets you use live chat in support.
Internal translation of 1.7 has started already (Amary quote).
Marketplace and housing available at headstart. No limit on house however limited by if you can pay tax which goes up exponentially based on amount of real estate owned on account.
Char deletion cd, 1-10 10 mins, 10-30 1 day. Will be posted somewhere (or has been already). Done to reduce char deletion hack and spam bots.
More security to Glyph client which are also coming to website (no mention of the e-mail exploit though).
Founders pack go to first 6 char, which is also mentioned in FAQ. Archeum pack Daru Chest and the cloak reagent is first character only.
Founder pack items not tradable. Example, Daru chest not tradable, items inside are though (apparently).
Above Hasla T1 were designed as catchup, T1 in line with crafting. (vague).
Joined: 22nd Apr 2014
Rank: Leader
Likes 38
10th Sep 2014

Some other notes I found.

Open beta was awesome, couple of records were set. Most number of downloads & highest number of signups in all of the beta weekends.
Eliminating all meetings on Friday so they can actually play the game themselves.
Glass Phoenix glider is pretty.
Servers have been improved. During beginning of open beta, they noticed servers were stressing and they had XLGames members IN the office to help out and make changes to significantly reduce the lag.
50% improvement on performance.
Lots of the stuff they're going to answer, Scapes has answered on the forums with the above link.
Marketplace changes; Test with the labor pots was very useful.
Trying to change it back to old version of labor pot. 12 hour cooldown, 300 credit.
All the constructive feedback is greatly appreciated, Scapes is very happy that everything was laid out, super helpful.
They don't want to buy best-in-slot items in the store, that's the reason costume stats were removed.
Costumes are just for fun.
OBT Build is basically our launch build, talking with XLGames to tweak some stuff.
Core of the build is ready for launch.
Costume helmets are APART of the costume so you can't remove it, it's just one item(the whole costume) so you can't hide it, sorry.
Archeum scarcity; thanks for the feedback and for all the people who recorded and opened a TON of bags to ACTUALLY help them.
Number on database doesn't always match what you see in game.
With your data and their data they are talking with XL on "what makes sense."
XLGames staff has been in the office for a while and keeping late hours to help out.
All archeum was adjusted (moonlight, etc) but it wasn't adjusted AS MUCH as sunlight. But all were adjusted.
Archeum crates weren't supposed to be just for archeum. It's meant for a bonus added onto their main reason for opening the crates.
Editing the Archeum Crates tooltip to be more accurate.
They are spawning a ton of coin purses and testing themselves for rates.
XLGames in KR and in their office are pretty active so they might be getting a different build for launch. They'll let us know when they know.
Mounts; "power creep" "stat creep", the only mounts worth obtaining is the best one.
In-game achievement for honor point mount and other top tier mounts will get looked at to maybe increase the speed.
They just want you to pick whatever mount you want for LOOKS and ABILITIES, not because you're forced to for speed.
Feedback will be taken from headstart, they are still looking to balance mounts.
Cows and Donkeys will still be slow
Firecait is going to try to get Carrot Dash, there goes her paycheck.
These changes make it easier to put Pegasus and other mounts on the store since everything is normalized.
Wiping everything and getting everything ready to go again waiting for launch.
Making sure everyone gets their patron/founders pack items, etc.
They're testing each INDIVIDUAL servers getting it ready for Friday.
OBT Servers are the headstart servers.
They don't plan on specifically adding servers AFTER headstart. If they DO, it'll be because the game was so good that they needed more servers for traffic reasons.
Don't need to redownload everything, just a patch.
0 Labor points start (who asked this? That was obvious.)
Europe vs NA; timing will be coming up together. Other then that, different times. Patches, restarts, Auroria, all will be on a good time for their respective country.
Fishing boats was unintentionally removed, trying to get it back for headstart.
Healer quest rewards! XL hasn't dealt with this since they started at 1.0 and they've requested it, but they don't know when it'll be ready. Won't be ready for launch, but they're sure they'll get it fixed.
Founders pack on steam, still working on integration, buy the founders packs on their website.
Founders packs will be removed at launch & replaced with STARTER packs.
Character slots will be available for headstart, 1000 credits per slot.
You'll start off with 2 characters and you get have 6 for your account, 4 max per server.
Slots are PER REGION. 6 Slots for NA, 6 Slots for Eu.
Labor pool is split by region as well. Labor and loyalty are different on Eu and NA.
Auction house; 3 servers per auction house on NA, 2 on Eu. Going to talk about it on the forums.
Launch build is available now. (I only see beta, not sure, don't blame me.)
Patron pricing is identical for RIFT. Go look at RIFT.
Free to play players can buy the auction house cash shop item to fully use the auction house @ launch.
Someone asked what APEX is, it's basically an item you can buy from their website with MONEY, can't be bought with credits, and sell it to someone. When activated the user who used it gets credits. Can use it for anything, patron, AH Item, etc.
10$ for APEX.
2 APEX will be needed for the 30 day pass of patron.
Same CHESTS will be used from the loyalty store and the Archeum founders pack.
Two APEX will get you Patron and extra credits to spend as you please.
They have a meeting with XL. Main topics are labor potion and increasing drop rate for Archeum.
When they have details, they'll share them.
Botting and spamming. Chat filters have been improving a lot, you can finally say ING words, woo.
Their own engineers, GM Smackdown makes his own algorithms to detect bots.
GM Smackdown hates bots, Tease him by telling him there's a bot around you.
After reported a lot gets put on a list and they get checked by humans and banned if need be. Innocents will be let go.
Patron will start counting down WHEN YOU LOGIN. Launch, Headstart, whenever you login.
Hotbar topic; one of four that they've communicated to XL.
Borderless/Inverted Mouse/Skill queue are the other three topics.
Skill queue is a WHOLE new system, takes time.
Those aren't the ONLY topics they've brought up, just the highest priority.
Bi-weekly restarts on the servers to keep the servers healthy and make sure no lag is going to happen.
Can be reduced or increase the rate of restarts based on how the servers are going.
Healers healing their jerk friends in non-pvp zones against enemy faction and can't get attacked is noted and given to XL.
Reporting bots gets you labor if it's a bot.
Report abuse through Live chat or their support site, not in game.
If you're a patron and can't live chat, let them know!
Expansion pack schedule; let's launch the game first.
1.7 is rapidly approaching.
No limits on housing, you need to just be able to pay it.
Character deletion scales; 1-10 is 10 minutes. 10-30 is 24 hours, they can't remember higher then that.
Founders packs perks and who they'll go to. First 6 characters for most of them, certain items like the Chests will only be your first character.
Scapes stinks, you don't want his shirt.
Hasla tier 1 limit. Tier 2 and 3 were supposed to be catch up weapons on KR. They're not needed now.
Forum » Forums » ArcheAge
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